Corporate English Tutoring

Corporate English Tutoring for your staff

Our focused corporate English tutoring is delivered with a flexible approach for accelerated English learning outcomes. We understand how important your staff are to your success. Our corporate English tutoring aims to equip your employees with the English skills needed for ongoing workplace and professional success. We make it our business to understand your goals for their English learning and tutoring outcomes. The professional English tutoring will focus on the needs of your staff member and can include: accent reduction, pronunciation, increasing vocabulary, grammar, business writing skills and presentation skills. The aim of all coaching is to increase confidence for students who are working in English. We offer one-on-one as well as group lessons which are specifically designed for your business needs.

EASy Report™ - English Analysis System

The EASy Report™ gives a clear picture of how your staff member is functioning in their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. This allows us to develop a plan which meets their exact areas of strengths and weaknesses. We can report this back to you. We gain an understanding of their goals and the outcomes you would like each person to achieve. We then set to work to ensure each lesson targets their individual needs.

Example lesson outline:

Pronunciation improvement – accent reduction of first language interference

Grammar correction – trainee’s verbal and written production

Common expressions at work – vocabulary, idioms, scenarios, your industry

Business, formal & polite English – presentations, meetings and email writing

Australian workplace culture & etiquette – interacting & rapport-building with colleagues and clients


Reporting Outcomes Back To You

Here at ESL Tutoring, we understand that as an employer or HR Manager you need up-to-date information on the progress of your people. You want the best for your business and we want to equip your people to succeed in their role. We partner with you to ensure your team achieves their English language learning outcomes. Our corporate English tutoring package includes ‘EASy Progress Reports™ ‘ at 20-hour intervals and ‘End of Training Reports’. This ensures transparency between our business and your business.

Highly Qualified Tutors

At ESL Tutoring Services we are the known, trusted, and leading authority in ESL for business. Our tutors have real life business and teaching experience. We have a clear understanding of the daily pressures on business personnel and how to best equip them for success. Our tutors are well prepared to deliver successful outcomes for your employees – this is what we do. Our tutors are trained to provide the highest quality English coaching. They hold university degrees along with real life and business experience. Our tutors also hold TESOL or CELTA qualifications.

Customised Lesson Plans

Our individual-focused English coaching is delivered with a flexible approach for accelerated English learning outcomes We understand how important your people are to your success. We make it our business to understand your goals for their English learning outcomes. We aim to equip your people with the skills needed for workplace success.

Place and Time to Suit You

Our Corporate English tutors come to you. We can meet your staff for their English tutoring at your office or another agreed location. If you require the lessons during the work week or outside work hours we can arrange the English lessons to be delivered at a time and place suitable for your business. We offer corporate professional English tuition in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra.

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Corporate English tutoring equips your people:

  • To be confident in their workplace and business English communication
  • To participate more in various workplace settings – formal and informal
  • To understand what is going on in meetings and present well
  • To increase fluency and comprehension for workplace communication
  • To clearly articulate and explain the details of a current project or issue
  • To create excellence in business communication



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As a result of COVID-19, we are now offering highly interactive online lessons. We continue to provide face-to-face lessons in locations where incidence of COVID-19 is minimal.

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