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Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia in terms of population, preceded only by Sydney. As of 2019, Melbourne had recorded a population of 4.89 million. From this number, a quarter of a million people based in Melbourne do not speak English well or at all. And there’s many more who have moderately good English skills but need to refine it further for personal and/or professional benefit.

A large city like Melbourne offers plenty of opportunities, from attending great schools and universities, to getting a well-paying job to enjoying the city’s diverse culture. These are some of the reasons why clear communication and good English language skills are very important when living in an English-speaking city like Melbourne. Sometimes, though, the lack of time or purpose, especially in adults, can prevent you from trying to improve your English language skills and realising your life goals.

ESL Tutoring Services offers private English language coaching and training for Melbourne residents. With our personalised approach to developing your lessons and the help of our English language tutors, you’ll be speaking, writing and understanding English perfectly in no time!

Why English Tutoring in Melbourne?

Our services are offered by highly skilled tutors who deliver one-on-one English tutoring in Melbourne.

Why Customers love us

“I had a very positive and productive experience with ESL tutoring and would recommend this company to anyone learning English…”

Personalised Pathways

English Tutoring Melbourne offers professional English lessons that

are personalised to your learning


Develop Professional Skills

We will design lessons to improve professional language skills which help you to become more succesful in the Australian workforce.

Increase Speaking Confidence

Our friendly one-on-one learning environment encourages learning with constructive feedback and guidance.


Are you considering IELTS? If so, begin with our EASy Report™ to assess your IELTS equivalent and then we will design a plan for each individual language skill. Learn more about IELTS Melbourne.

Living & Working in Melbourne

Melbourne is a progressive city which finds the balance between corporate growth and sustainability.

Education in Melbourne

Melbourne offers a brilliant range of Universities, government and non-government schools.


These are the steps to take.


Tell us about your goals and the outcomes you want to achieve and book your EASy Report™ diagnostic.


Meet your tutor and complete your EASy Report™ and develop your individual customised learning plan.


Book your ongoing weekly English coaching for 90 minutes at a time and place that works for you.


Your learning journey begins! This is where the magic happens…….


We’re proud of making the world a better place.









An overview of our English courses in the Melbourne area

Here at ESL Tutoring we deliver outcomes for the professional adult learner. Our private English lessons are tailor made to meet your needs. Mastery of English can help you get a better job and lead to promotional opportunities. If you live in Melbourne and need English to improve your English, you’ve come to the right place. We offer English lessons for adults who need to speak, read and write English with greater ease. With our help, it’s easier than ever to gain confidence and complete fluency.

Private English Lessons

Private English Tutoring in Melbourne – Custom designed lessons by our expert tutors

Adult language learners have special needs. We understand this. That’s why we have designed private english tutoring programs for students across Melbourne. Students come to us for tailored lessons designed specifically for them. Our skilled and professional tutors use the EASy Report™ to discover your area of need. The report is about realising your current skills and using that as a base. Each lesson is designed to build on the previous lesson. Busy professionals don’t always have the time to run to a classroom. This is where we come in. Our English coaching in Melbourne is designed to meet you when it works best for you. The tutor will come to the location of your choice when it is convenient for you. From a coffee shop to a library or your office, you can pick the place that works best. We’ll be there when you want us for the lessons you need.

How Can A Private Tutor Help?

Individual lessons are the perfect way to learn to speak, read and write English better. Our individual lessons are adapted to each learner’s background, current English skills and future goals. We help our clients tackle many necessary tasks. This may include confusion about basic grammar as well as verb tenses and preposition usage. We also help with issues that many language learners face such as question forms and linking words. You can turn to us for help with help in understanding complex sentence structures, composing emails, giving presentations and communicating over the phone. Each individual lesson is about moving the learner forward and touching on the issues that are most important to them.

One of the many advantages of our classes is that they include cultural integration lessons. Regional customs can be confusing for new residents. Our classes focus not only on English acquisition but also on understanding the area’s many nuances. Slang and other unfamiliar words are part of the local language landscape. Our tutors help you understand important phrases as well as how people use them. The net result are lessons that lead not only to better English skills but to a truer and more confident understanding of the regional setting at the same time. We provide help with specific challenges such as intercultural communication as well as help with terms that are specific to your industry. With our assistance, inter office communication is easier than ever in today’s modern workplace.

Corporate English Lessons

Hiring great employees is a must in the contemporary world. However, searching the global talent pool may mean hiring people who need just a little bit of help with their English skills. This is where we come in. We’ll come to your workplace and meet with your staffers. We’ll assess their skills one by one. Once we have an idea of each staffer’s abilities, we’ll work closely with you to create the lessons your staffers need to communicate better with each other and with your clients.

We offer English tutoring Melbourne in groups. Group lessons can be extremely useful. They allow each participant to interact with others who are also at the same level. Our group lessons are all about providing a safe space where everyone taking them feels comfortable speaking out. Employers can arrange group lessons at their workplace. We’ll help you set a budget for your employees and determine how to go from there. Individuals can choose our group lessons as an economic way to improve their English skills.

Communicating orally in English to others can be a daunting challenge. This is where we come in. We provide specific instruction that is designed to help reduce any pronounced accent and make it easier for the language learner to be heard. An improved ability to speak English can help make you feel more at ease both in the office and in social situations.

We’ve been at this for over a decade. In that time, we’ve had many happy clients. Our professional tutors are passionate about what they do. They provide high quality lessons that are all about making every one of their students a more confident, happy English speaker. Contact us today. Let us help you personally, or we can help your staff to fill any gaps in English fluency.

In addition, we can assist with the following:

  • E-mail Writing

Covering writing styles, conventions and etiquette.

  • Report Writing

Create detailed and easily-understandable reports using the correct format for your workplace.

  • Presentation Skills

Learn how to confidently deliver presentations at work with clear structure and content.

  • Meetings and Negotiation

Improve your speaking and listening skills and equip yourself with effective expressions to become an expert negotiator and meeting participant.

  • Telephone Communication

Enhance your telephone skills for answering, initiating and maintaining conversations over the phone.

Also, learn the differences in register between formal and informal expressions as well as improve leaving, taking and relaying messages. Pronunciation / Accent Reduction – practice sounds, intonation and rhythm specific to your nationality and personal weak points to reduce accent and increase confidence and ease with verbal communication. Grammar and Reading – exercises to correct any gaps in your grammar, including verb tenses, preposition usage, question forms, linking words and complex sentence structures. Learn strategies for reading to increase comprehension, speed, personal lexicon and language usage improvement.

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Take Your English Proficiency to the Next Level

ESL Tutoring Services offers the most convenient and reliable English tutoring for adults and professionals in Melbourne. Contact us on 1300 137 186 for enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the tutoring and coaching sessions held?

One of the best things about ESL Tutoring Services in Melbourne is that you get to choose when and where you want to take your lessons. We can meet you at a café, in your office, a public library or do everything online.

Are the tutors and coaches qualified?

Everyone in our teaching team holds a University degree and a CELTA or TESOL qualification, together with with experience as an ESL tutor for professionals, so rest assured you’re in competent hands.

How often are the sessions held?

The frequency of your lessons depends entirely on you! If you need to learn faster and your schedule allows, you can have an intensive programme. We would recommend at a minimum one 90-minute session per week for optimal learning outcomes. This means the learner has enough time to consolidate what they are learning between lessons and allows reinforcement from the tutor regularly.

How much will my lessons cost?

We don’t have any lock in contracts, we are outcomes driven so you are only paying for the lessons you want. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, each learner is different – having different needs and learning goals. We can develop a learning program that is customised to your needs. Contact us today to obtain a quote!

How do I sign-up for lessons?

Being our newest student is easy! Give us a ring on 1300 137 186 and we’ll give you all the information you need to help kick start your English learning journey.

What can I expect from the first lesson?

Our starting point is the EASy Report™ which will be completed in the first lesson by your assigned English tutor. Our English Analysis System – EASy Report™ is a quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tool that provides a very clear snapshot of your level of English competency across the four language skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening. Based on your results we make an individual learning plan specifically designed for you.

Will I receive a certificate or qualification?

No, you will receive real-world functional English to advance your language skills within your role. Our customers do not need another certificate to hang on their wall, they need English communication skills to function within an English-speaking context. We can give you a reference to show you have attended an English language course if you require one.


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