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Social Enterprise

Build a Champion with ESL Tutoring

Here at ESL Tutoring, we believe that education is the key to empowerment. We do this by providing high-quality tutors to teach English to business people in Australia. We also believe in seeing lives improved and people given access to choices in developing Nations.  Therefore we support ‘Milk and Honey Projects Inc’ who are a social enterprise teaching young people English in Cambodia.

Each invoice we send contributes directly to providing scholarships to Cambodian children to learn English. We do this through ‘Milk and Honey projects Inc.’ a social enterprise empowering Cambodians to positively influence their community while gaining opportunities through quality education.

Most Cambodians have a basic level of English, as it has been introduced to the Cambodian school curriculum the students want to learn pronunciation and practical English from a native speaker.

Milk and Honey work with middle and upper-class Cambodians to find greater purpose by reaching out the underprivileged in a culturally sensitive, relationship-based approach rather than giving directly to the poor and creating dependency.

Who are Milk and Honey

ESL Tutoring supports ‘Milk and Honey Projects Inc’ who are focused on empowering Cambodians to help their own people. ‘Milk and Honey’ do this through social entrepreneurship, creating sustainable progress in the community. One way they engage the community is through the teaching of English.

They offer fun and interactive English classes to Cambodian students ranging from children to adults with different levels of difficulty. They use high-quality curriculum that teaches western culture through illustrated real-world scenarios.

Milk and Honey design their projects to build lasting relationships, that provide the opportunity to inspire and empower Cambodian’s to make a difference.

Be part of the action!