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We will meet you on campus and deliver one on one or small group academic English tutoring.

In the first lesson, you complete the EASy Report™. This will establish your precise current standard across reading, writing, speaking and listening. Once we understand your level and your goals we develop your learning plan. It’s all about you. You’ll love our tutors. They are friendly and flexible.

With improved English, you will fly through your studies, enjoy your experience here in Australia and then gain employment in your chosen field once you graduate. We want to help you reach your goals. You will succeed!

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Our team of tutors are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to make your study enjoyable and effective.

We equip you with the skills to build confidence and communicate effectively in English. We give you the skills:

To write assignments and clearly express your concepts in English.

To engage in a classroom setting.

To be able to listen and comprehend the content of your lessons.

To increase your level of confidence and engagement when speaking and writing.

To participate in a group setting and an online education environment.

To help you in each area of your studies.

We will focus on the English skills necessary for University academic skills and equip you with the skills to interact and enjoy living and working in Australia.


The Lessons


Our team are friendly and focused on your needs you can meet the tutoring team at

ESL Tutoring Services is your mentor and guide for mastering your English language skills as you attend university and prepare for your future career. Because we have tutors located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra, our tutors can meet you on your campus no matter where that may be. Our experienced English language tutors come from all walks of life and career backgrounds and can cater to your personal, academic and career goals. All of this and much more is why you need our ESL tutors to help you improve not only your English but your entire university experience.


We teach lessons that are 90mins long for best learning outcomes. These lessons will teach you functional English for university and beyond.

Our Structure


In regards to your academic studies, improved English language skills can help you:

Completely comprehend lectures and discussions.

Fully and eloquently express thesis statements, sophisticated concepts, theories, and argument developments for academic papers and reports.

Participate and engage with confidence in class settings.

Reduce your accent, so that you can be clearly understood when speaking to a group.

Quickly identify problem areas in reading, writing, speaking and listening, in order to efficiently develop all language skills.

Because our ESL Tutoring Services English tutors come to you, you can fit them into your schedule just as you would another class. We come to your campus and provide your 1.5-hour lesson at a time most convenient for you. You never have to leave your school campus to receive English tutoring.

Our ESL Tutoring Services for English language tuition include essential linguistic components as well as exclusive trademark tools.


The first lesson will be the EASy Report™, which will assess your current English language capabilities in four basic linguistic categories: speaking, listening, writing and reading. It takes an hour to complete, after which you will have a comprehensive analysis with which to guide both you and your tutor in the following lessons. This analysis is key for identifying problem areas that need improvement, as well as your strengths, so you also know what you’re doing right.

After establishing what needs the most focus, your English tutoring will cover the following ESL components, in varying degrees, according to your EASy Report™ results you may want to focus on the following.

Our Focus


When the tutor has your EASy Report results we will understand your needs and goals this may include accent reduction:

Especially in a university setting, accent reduction may be crucial in order to properly communicate in a group setting. Other foreign students may very well also be present. If you are speaking in a classroom with students from foreign countries other than your own, whom also have their own accents and ways of understanding English, it may be very difficult for them to understand all of your words. Even native Australians may not always understand all of your words if you have an extremely thick accent. Your confidence can quickly evaporate when you see the confused expressions on the faces of your peers. This is why, especially for university English, your accent is just as important as the words themselves. Our tutors can help you to quickly reduce your accent in spoken English.


This is another language component that is especially vital in a university setting. Vocabulary development is essential for listening and understanding your professors and fellow students, as well as for expressing sophisticated points, concepts and theories in required written materials, essays, reports and open discussions.


Grammar is important for every English learner, especially for students at academic English language levels. However, proper grammar is important for more than just academia. Once you transfer into a career, you will need to have a clear understanding of grammar so you can give a great first impression at interviews or any professional setting. Preparing for the real world is part of your university experience, and your speech should reflect all of your hard work and education.


This is one of the ways we tailor our university English lessons to each student. Emphasis on oral presentations and essay writing is an enormous asset to English language development, especially while taking certain required university courses, often which include speech, comprehensive reading/writing, communications, humanities, and other courses that require a heavy amount of essay writing to determine your marks.


This part of your academic English tutoring is double its value. Many students enlist exam preparation tutors regardless of the language they speak, simply to achieve the best marks possible. With our ESL Tutoring Services, not only do you receive English language lessons but also exam preparation assistance, so you are on par even with native Australian students taking extra exam preparation lessons to get ahead. International students can often earn higher marks than native English speakers, simply because of the extra effort and time they devote.


By the end of your lessons, your IELTS score will improve significantly. If you have never taken the IELTS, we can help you prepare for the different sections of this test. The IELTS is used by universities and corporations alike, to determine language proficiency. As a universal measurement of language knowledge, high scores on the IELTS can certainly be useful when applying to jobs or universities.



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