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Business English Tutoring

Improve life with specialised English tutoring. We equip professionals for success.

Improve your working life with specialised business English tutoring. Whether you’re based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, ESL Tutoring services equip professionals for success.

We give you the skills to build confidence and clearly communicate your talent to your employer, colleagues and clients through our tailored business English Tutoring sessions.

In our first meeting we work out the key areas to focus on. The tutor then plans a personal learning course, keeping in mind your individual strengths and areas for improvement.

To help us do this, we use an EASy Report™, our English Analysis System. It’s a one-hour diagnostic tool that gives you a clear indication of your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. This informs your English lessons by allowing us to make a tailor made plan just for you. We don’t have a one size fits all model – every individual is unique – so we design each lesson to be right for you.

The personal learning course may include:

Improving the listening skill by:

  • Help with understanding the Australian accent, vocabulary and tone of voice – whether in person, over the phone or in meetings
  • Tips for comprehending other accents in a multicultural workplace

Improving the speaking skill as we help you:

  • Develop confidence in speaking with colleagues, management and clients
  • Deliver engaging presentations with finesse
  • Understand Australian business idioms, phrases and expressions (and humour!)
  • Clearly articulate and explain the details of a project or issue
  • Know the importance of English words that give emphasis, and others that should be avoided.
  • Reduce accent and improve pronunciation
  • Expand vocabulary and enhance overall expression
  • Develop interpersonal skills, such as building rapport

Help with developing high-level writing skills, including:

  • Writing emails, reports, online content or any other written communication
  • Using correct tone of voice, phrasal verbs, and Aussie expressions
  • All aspects of grammar including verb tenses, passive and active voice, prepositions and punctuation
  • Syntax, style, and overall writing instruction

Reading skill improvement through:

  • Using real-life and highly relevant textual examples to aid understanding
  • Business and Australian-specific texts
  • Vocabulary expansion and comprehension
  • Tips for effective, active reading

The delivery of the personalised business English course then takes place over as many sessions as you choose.

We help clients navigate the challenging and sometimes intimidating space of professional life in a new country and non-native language. Our aim is to ensure you thrive in whatever role you have and get the most out of your time at work.

Contact us today and one of our experienced, dynamic tutors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth will come to you and work with you to reach new heights of professional success.

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Example Lesson Plan on Giving a Presentation:

  • Conversation: Share personal news and raise any language questions.
  • Pronunciation: Making the sound /a/, demonstration and practice, create personal word list, contrast with /e/ and /u/. Word-stress practice, reading aloud.
  • Grammar & Vocabulary: Discussion on giving presentations: learn set phrases, stages and communication techniques.
  • Presentation Practice: Integration of all skills: Trainee gives a presentation which is recorded for review and feedback.
  • Homework/ Revision: Revise and practise corrections to review giving a presentation next lesson

Outline of Topics Covered:

Grammar and Reading
Exercises to correct any gaps in your grammar, including verb tenses, preposition usage, question forms, linking words and complex sentence structures.

Learn strategies for reading to increase comprehension, speed, personal lexicon and language usage improvement.

Meetings and Negotiating
Improve speaking and listening skills with common expressions and functional language structures for participating effectively, clarifying, commenting, expressing a view, requesting, persuading, reasoning and understanding how to employ neutral/positive tone.

Business and Industry- Specific Vocabulary
Extend and refine accuracy in vocabulary for job requirements and routine workplace communication:  written and verbal, including building your personal lexicon and forming natural collocations.

Business Writing
Emails – email conventions, layout, etiquette, formal and casual writing styles. Includes analysis and monitoring of examples of own emails

Report Writing – study the correct mechanics and formatting of reports for your workplace, analysing own written material with tutor correction and feedback.

Tutor-coaching to develop presentation skills for confident delivery, sound content and clear structure with appropriate phrases, sign-post markers and explanations.