General English Tutoring & Courses – Speaking (Pronunciation), Reading, Writing & Listening

General English tutoring specifically designed to meet your goals.

In the first lesson we conduct the EASy Report™. This gives you a baseline for your speaking, reading, writing and listening. We gain a clear understanding of your goals. Your English tutoring goals could include speaking skills, everyday expressions and slang, sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar, listening, discussion and English conversation.

Your tutor will design a course just for you so you get the results you want. English tutoring can take place at your home, workplace, the tutor’s home or an agreed location. Our tutors are experienced, qualified ESL teachers who understand your needs and will work with you to really improve your English in a time and cost-efficient way. We equip you with the skills to build confidence and communicate effectively in English.

  • To be confident in using English
  • To participate more in various settings
  • To understand what is going on in meetings, lectures, small groups
  • To increase your fluency and comprehension for everyday communication
  • To clearly articulate yourself
  • To help you excel in communication to reach your goals


Pronunciation, Fluency and Accent Reduction

  • English Pronunciation
  • How to pronounce words you often use
  • Accent reduction – problem areas based on your first language
  • Difficult sounds – correction and practice
  • Word/sentence stress
  • Natural rhythm and intonation

 Reading, Writing and Spelling

  • Spelling – phonetic rules, pronunciation of sounds
  • Writing – academic, essays, reports, emails, presentations, resume writing, editing
  • Reading – reading comprehension, vocabulary, summarising skills

We come to you

We meet you at a location and time that suit you. Would you like to have lessons in a café, library, home or office? Lessons can be delivered mornings, evenings, weekends or within business hours if preferred.

Frequency of Lessons

We are flexible in our approach and can deliver lessons as often as you like according to your schedule. To maximise your language learning we recommend sessions of 90 minutes, at a minimum of two times a week. Students need to commit to 90 minute lessons.

Individual Focus 

We provide one-to-one English tuition as well as small group training in all language areas. We cater for all backgrounds and create a supportive, practical and enjoyable learning environment. Our focus is always on the learning outcomes of the individual and working with you to achieve your goals.

Personalised Pathways

Based on the results from the EASy Report™ our experienced and dedicated tutors will deliver a program that meets your exact needs within your specific requirements. We can help you with: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, accent reduction, writing, academic English, grammar, business and workplace English, conversational English, general and academic IELTS, reading and more.

Highly Qualified Tutors

Our team of tutors are fully qualified and highly experienced in the ESL field. They all have ESL Teaching qualifications, along with professional teaching experience as well as business backgrounds. You will recognise your tutor as they will be wearing an ESL Tutoring Badge.

Master Your Pronunciation With Our Courses Offered In Sydney & Melbourne

ESL Tutoring Services sets the standard for pronunciation lessons in Melbourne, Sydney and nation-wide, our team provide high-quality English tutoring. Because our tutoring is one-on-one, you benefit from 100% attention. If English is an additional language for you, once we receive all of your details, we select a tutor who matches your needs. In the first lesson the tutor will conduct the EASy Report™.This is a diagnostic tool which provides us with a clear assessment of your current English levels in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Since everyone’s English needs are different, our experienced tutors will tailor lessons based not only upon the results of your EASy Report™, but also to suit your own personal requirements. We have very experienced, professional tutors, so if your requirements change due to work circumstances (or for any other reason), our tutors will also adapt to fit with any changing needs.

English pronunciation is not always easy. Our tutors can help you to pronounce difficult English sounds, and use the correct intonation and stress. This will help reduce your accent and to speak more clearly.

Pronouncing some English sounds can be difficult when your language does not have the same sounds. For example, the sound /r/ does not exist in Japanese, so Japanese speakers tend to get /r/ and /l/ mixed up. Many nationalities also have trouble pronouncing ‘th‘ (father, thin). Some English vowels sound very similar, so it can be difficult to hear the difference between words such as ‘hat/hut/heart’. If it’s difficult to hear, it’s also difficult to pronounce. English also has long and short vowels which can be difficult to hear (ship/sheep). These sets of words are called minimal pairs. Minimal pairs are pairs or sets of words where only one sound is different. The biggest difference between most English accents (British, American, Australian, etc) is in the vowels. When you know the sound patterns of different English accents, it will greatly improve your understanding of English speakers.

Stress and intonation are also very important as these help to carry meaning. For example, which syllable in a word is stressed can change the grammatical category. For example, while REcord is a noun, reCORD is a verb. The words you stress in a sentence indicate what you think is important, and intonation patterns can express feelings, or be the difference between a question and a statement.



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