These days, mobile apps, websites and videos are specifically produced to help beginners and advanced learners master English grammar and expand their vocabulary. In fact, with the numerous resources available online, people would be more than capable of learning English on their own.

That doesn’t mean working with a teacher or tutor has lost all merit, however. This method is especially advantageous for people who are confident in a classroom-learning method, since the instructor can give structure to your lessons and activities. And, even if your preference isn’t a classroom private tutoring still provides a number of advantages.

Below are six reasons to hire a private English tutor:

1. Work at your own pace

Language classes are time-sensitive, which can put a lot of pressure on the learner. Private tutors, on the other hand, will work at a pace that’s comfortable for you. This way, you’ll have enough time to fully digest each lesson, ensuring that you’ll be able to use your new knowledge in your day-to-day use of English.

Moreover, if there’s a lesson that you’re having trouble understanding, your tutor will use a variety of teaching methods to make sure you understand the concept. You’ll practice applying the concept and/or English rule/s until you’re able to do it without the guidance of your instructor.

2.  Give you individualised attention

Another benefit of one-on-one tutoring is that you’ll be your tutor’s sole focus throughout the session. You can ask questions anytime and get answers instantly. When you’re learning a language on your own, though, you may not immediately find the answers you need on Google, especially if your questions are too general or specific.

Additionally, your private tutor will grow familiar with your most common mistakes and the concepts you struggle with. They’ll help you overcome recurring blunders and unlearn any incorrect grammar and vocabulary practices you may have picked up when you were still studying the language on your own.

3. Align the lessons and activities to your learning style

Private tutors work with all kinds of learners, so they know how to customise their lessons according to different learning styles. Your tutor will modify their teaching method to make concepts more easily digestible for you.

For instance, if you remember concepts better through memorisation, then they’ll make you memorise the different types of sentence patterns. But if you’re a visual learner, then your tutor can make tables or flashcards that will help you remember the types of sentence structures.

Your tutor will also help you work towards your language development goals. Whether it’s to improve your pronunciation or work on your speaking skills, they’ll tailor the lessons according to your learning style so that you can achieve your goals.

4. Discuss the nuances of the language

Some phrases and words have different meanings depending on the context. For example, when someone tells you ‘I don’t buy it’, it means they don’t believe you. When you translate the words for their literal meaning, you probably won’t understand them.

These kinds of nuances and phrases that are specific to the English language aren’t always discussed in formal lessons. Many online resources don’t cover them as well, since these are mostly limited to grammar, vocabulary and speaking and writing techniques.

When you’re working with a private tutor, however, any time you come across a sentence or expression you don’t understand, you can ask them immediately and save any confusion or misinterpretation that you might have. They’ll also point out any phrases in your writing that native English speakers might misinterpret.

5. Help you develop a voice

Everyone has their own writing voice. Your voice allows you to explain concepts and tell stories in your own words and add your own signature flair. However, it can be hard to find your voice in a non-native language.

There are private tutors dedicated to improving your English writing skills. They’ll help you achieve native-level fluency with your writing and establish your own voice, so you’ll be able to write creative and academic pieces in English with confidence.

6. Accommodate your schedule

Lastly, private tutors are great when you have a busy schedule. You can dictate your terms on how many sessions you’ll have in a week and for how long. If there are any changes to your schedule, all you have to do is inform your tutor in advance so that they can find another time slot for you.

You can also ask your tutor to increase the number of sessions you have in a week if you’re preparing for an exam or need help in finishing a paper.

Ultimately, private tutoring offers benefits in terms of convenience, flexibility and a customised learning path. Your tutor will tackle topics according to your preferred learning style to make sure that you’ve fully understood all the lessons. They’ll design the course to help you reach your goal of achieving native-level fluency.

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