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Bruce English tutoring Melbourne

Recently Bruce and I were catching up to discuss Bruce’s teaching philosophy and the ‘why’ behind what we offer in Melbourne. Bruce is one of our amazing team members in Melbourne. We thought you’d enjoy finding out some more information about our motivation to continue to develop excellent business and workplace English tuition in Melbourne.

Bruce Bevan

My recent study at the Melbourne School of Business and Economics in Human Resource Management has taught me that good leaders must empower their teams to ensure successful performance outcomes. My training is designed with empowerment in mind.

I joined ESL Tutoring as a trainer to create tailored training in both Business English and communication skills for both native and non-native English speakers. ESL Tutoring differentiates itself by coming to the client and designing a learning program specific to organisational and individual needs. It fits in with the most current performance management principle of best-fit solutions, not just best practice.

Lessons cover functional language, grammar (if needed), and cross-cultural issues such as designing a presentation for a group of Chinese versus a group from another culture. I worked four years in Europe training companies such as Airbus, where the French/German mix could expose differences. Recently, I prepared a designer for her trip to China to meet with suppliers.

The ability to communicate effectively is critical for group dynamics, influencing, building relationships, and engaging teams. My clients are diverse; they are doctors, marketing directors, fashion designers, experts in criminology and finance, project managers, even students and engineers. All of them need to communicate to succeed personally and professionally.

Research and current HR trends shed light on the importance of nurturing diversity of all kinds in the workplace This includes linguistic and cultural diversity. In a recent article, the education leadership expert Jose Bilbao-Henry wrote, ‘we still have a potential for unconscious bias for or against different accents in the use of English and the different levels of command of the language. Recent research indicates that we favour those with similar accents and make assumptions on the level of education and competence of those who speak with an accent or grammar structures different from ours or whose accent is not readily identified as that of a native speaker’.

At the start of each program we provide a tailored diagnostic EASy Report, and then together we develop a plan to prioritise communication learning focus. With new skills comes confidence, and with confidence comes performance. By focusing on specific desired learning outcomes, we can achieve results according to priority. I keep in touch with managers and HR to ensure alignment to organisational need and to track progress.

Every lesson we teach, we design from scratch t personally fit the needs of each person in Melbourne.

The ability to communicate is empowering. It increases the contribution value of employees – and gives your organisation the edge to differentiate its offering through effective human resources, build its leadership, fortify culture and improve its performance in the market.

Bruce Bevan BA MA Cert IV TAA Celta (ESL Cert) Candidate for Master of Management/HR Melbourne)

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